Southbound 25th Avenue Bridge Closed, Classrooms’ Remodeled, Return to Campus Updates

  • MnDOT has had the 25th Avenue bridge fully closed for several weeks after a truck struck one of the beams. MnDOT opened the north side to traffic this week but the southbound side will remain closed at least until mid-October. It will require a more significant repair. MnDOT apologizes for the inconvenience.

Classrooms Remodeled By Fall

  • Science 123 is being remodeled with the addition of three tiered platforms to expand capacity, new carpet, and technology. The goal is for the work to be complete by September 1.
  • Anderson 21 also will be updated with paint, new carpet, and technology. Walls will be removed and the construction of the sound wall started on August 2. 
  • Sverdrup 208, the former Honors Lounge, is getting new technology and paint. The furniture has been removed and painting started August 2. 

Return to Campus Updates: 

  • What to know about cleaning office spaces.
  • Consider returning to your office, lab, or classroom in advance of your scheduled return to review the spaces. We need your assistance in spotting and addressing repairs and maintenance that may be needed. Make a Facilities request if you see an issue that needs to be addressed. 
  • HEPA air filtration units have been added to offices without HVAC building systems only. HVAC systems with MERV-13 filters are circulating fresh air 24 hours a day. 
  • Staff and faculty in Memorial Hall who want to request a window air conditioner should make a Facilities request. Facilities will provide and install the unit, since the building doesn’t have central air conditioning.
  • Facilities team members are working this summer on cleaning and maintenance projects as rooms turn over in the residence halls.