Prioritized Disinfecting Processes; Completed Oren Gateway and Memorial Hall Work

  • The custodial staff has been instructed to prioritize disinfecting common OGC lobbytouch points around campus, which would include door handles, faucets, and light switches. Custodians also are focused on hard surfaces in common spaces, such as tables in classrooms and meeting rooms. We’ve also coordinated with Augsburg Dining Services to confirm cleaning processes in the dining area.
  • Work that included new sheetrock, paint, and carpet are completed in Oren Gateway Center 114 and the offices in 115. On February 19, a clogged kitchen sink overflowed into a residence hall apartment on the second floor and leaked to the first floor. Repairs to the apartment also were completed. 
  • A first floor men’s bathroom toilet overflowed clean water leading to flooding last week in Memorial Hall. A cleaning crew was on site to wipe walls down and disinfect to make sure they are cleaned thoroughly.