Definition of Vocation

Stage 1: Step 2:  Directions to Read/Reflect/Write/Upload your Summative Reflection

We believe you are called – equipped, empowered, driven, and responsible – to make this world a better place for your neighbor. That’s the essence of vocation.

You will come across the word “vocation” a lot at Augsburg University. Therefore, it’s important to spend some time defining this word here at the beginning of your experience with the V-Portfolio.

  1. READ
    • Reflect on how you agree and disagree with overview of vocation.
    • The questions below can help you with this reflection:
      • How would you summarize this definition of vocation in your own words?
      • What, if anything, did you find compelling and exciting about vocation as you read?
      • What, if anything, did you find confusing or maybe troubling?
    • Now that you’ve thought a little about this description, write your own Definition of Vocation.
    • Feel free to paraphrase if you agreed with it or go in an entirely different direction if you disagreed with it. Your definition should be about one paragraph.
    • Create something that will help you remember how you are defining vocation for yourself at this moment in time.
    • Once you’ve written your Definition of Vocation, think of a creative way to upload it to your V-Portfolio.
      • Could you rewrite it as a poem?
      • Could you write a song about it?
      • Paint or draw a picture that represents the definition for you?
      • Build a presentation in PowerPoint or Canva?
      • Have fun and be creative.