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Your Vocation Portfolio, known as the V-Portfolio increases in meaningfulness and usefulness in proportion to the time you put into creating it and managing it. This is intended to become a tool that will help you capture and reflect upon key learning experiences in and beyond the classroom during your time at Augsburg.

You will add to your V-Portfolio each time you are a participant in a program sponsored by one of the four Centers of Commitment: the Christensen Center for Vocation, Center for Global Education and Experience, Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship, and the Strommen Center for Meaningful work.

The V-Portfolio will facilitate your reflection on the experiences you have with these centers so that you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as one who is called to serve the neighbor, one who is called to be a global citizen, one who is called to be an engaged local citizen, and one who is called to meaningful work.

Below you will see the stages of the V-Portfolio. If you are using the V-Portfolio for the first time, you will begin with some onboarding and orientation in Stage 1. You will only need to do the orientation once as a student at Augsburg University. After stage 1, you will be going through stages 2-4 throughout each program you participate in with a Center of Commitment. Each stage provides reflections or assignments that you will complete and then upload onto your Canvas Profile.

Stages of the V-Portfolio

Stage 1: Onboarding & Orientation

Stage 2: Initial Reflection

Stage 3: Primary Reflections 

Stage 4: Summative Reflection