Vocation as place, path, and relationships

Phuong (Polly) Vinh

A testimonial by Phuong (Polly) Vinh:

I want to use my Vocation Portfolio as a way to help conceptualize my vocation as place and relationships. Place and relationships are the two metaphors that are most important in my portfolio. It did change a little bit as I thought every metaphor reflected my vocation, however, place and relationships help me conceptualize my projects more. They address the things I care about within my circle of influence.

The courses I took at Augsburg and the people I met along the way have helped me to clarify my personal ethics. They consist of qualities that have always helped me to pick the right and ethical decision in tough situations. My list of ethics are:

Excellence: I will always strive to be excellent at everything I do. I will perform the best I can at my job and will not settle for less. I will deliver the expected work on or before time.

Honesty: I will always strive to be honest in all situations as well as performing professional work. I will stand up for what is right and will report unethical behaviors. I will not bend any workplace policies/ rules just for personal benefit. I will be trustworthy and sincere for the organization in everything I do.

Respect: I will always be honest and sincere and show respect to everyone no matter what their job titles are. I will always treat people with respect and fairness. I will exhibit an interest in and appreciation of others perspectives, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

In my Vocation Portfolio, I posted articles and projects that helped me to clarify these ethics. I always want to be a good asset towards everyone or any company I work for. I believe sometimes just one good action could make a big difference. So a lot of good actions would lead to a better world. I always care deeply for my family and friends. When some people would take advantage of that, I used to be very upset. However, I believe in karma, so I know that I should always be kind to people no matter how they are to me. Some others will be kind to me someday.

Also, people should learn to be kind and care for one another and never judge “a book” by its cover. Everyone has their own story and faces their own challenges; you get to see more of a person through their Vocation Portfolio. I want to trigger positive emotions in everyone I have met and will meet, which is why my portfolio takes on a very positive tone. I believe to let kindness be your superpower and a small act of it can easily uplift someone emotionally and in spirit. I believe kindness and caring are universal languages.