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A testimonial by Yasmin López (International Relations, 2023):

I believe that Vocation Portfolios are a great platform that help students to think about their strengths as young student leaders. This makes students conceptualize what is important to them, what their stances are in life, reflect on their path, relationships, story, and since the Portfolio is so broad, students can also share their hobbies, art, and sports interests. The platform can really give you a complete image of a student.

I really enjoyed exploring my traits and strengths by putting them into words. Doing this helped me a lot to process the current political climate both here in the U.S. and in my home country. Through the process of putting together my portfolio, I was able to analyze and recapitulate key moments  in my life that made me who I am today.

Creating my Vocation Portfolio gave me the space to explore what I hold deeply in my heart, what matters the most to me; my portfolio portrays the social and political changes that my home country is going through, the scars of the past that as a community we haven’t healed yet, and makes the process of getting to a democratic governance even more complicated. I, as well, talked about my journey as a feminist in a very patriarchal family, where my only source of feminism was my father, who I am very grateful for, but I wish that I had female feminist roles models growing up.