Primary Reflection Exercise Directions

What we need from you:

The V-Portfolio platform is a program called Canvas. There are certain elements that should be included when adding a reflection to their v-Portfolio on Canvas. Therefore, we will need you to provide the following for the students so they can incorporate these elements into what they post on their V-Portfolio.

  1. A title for the assignment.
  2. A brief description of the assignment the student can cut and paste into their project within Canvas.
  3. A compelling question or set of questions that encourage the student to reflect on how they are changing, or growing, or developing new skills, or being challenged, etc. in relation to your center’s mission through their experience with you this semester.
  4. Ask the student to upload their reflection on these questions. This reflection can be an essay, a presentation, a video, a song, a poem, a piece of art, or other creative forms that would work in tandem with your pedagogy and the student’s learning style.
  5. Ask the students to link this reflection with other artifacts or projects from their learning experience that might enhance their reflection or help them tell the story of how they are changing. For example, if a student is completing an internship they might submit a video in which they tell stories of how they are growing and being challenged and they might upload a lesson plan or curriculum they created as part of their internship that they reference in their video.
  6. We hope what we’ve outlined above is enough to help you get started. We do not want to dictate your assignments and want to allow you the freedom to be creative and make the v-Portfolio work for you and the learning experience you are facilitating. Feel free to create whatever you’d like and send it to us. We might want to have further conversations about its design and use, but we are more than happy to be flexible in order to make this work for you and your students..
  7. We want the students to be engaged with their v-Portfolio throughout the semester so we believe a student should have more than one assignment to upload, but we don’t think it needs to be more than three.

The Ask:

Please design 2-3 Primary Experience Reflections you use with your students while piloting the v-Portfolio this summer.

If you would like the V-Portfolio team to review your drafted reflection descriptions, please send to Jon Bates at Please feel free to reach out if you would like more support or clarification.