Enrollment Committee

About the Enrollment Committee of University Council (revised 2/11/19) :

The Enrollment Committee provides guidance to the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management and University Council for issues related to enrollment management and performance. This spring’s work outlined below will significantly inform Commission150– the planning process for developing our next strategic plan for 2020-2025.

2019 Enrollment Committee of University Council Membership (revised):

  • Faculty Senate Elected: Evren Guler (Psychology) and Jayoung Koo (Business/Professional Studies) Matt Maruggi (Religion).
  • Faculty/Staff: Rebekah Dupont, Robert Groven, Katie Bishop, Aaron Griess, Sarah Griesse, Stephen Jendraszak, Gina Jones, Robert Gould and Devon Ross.
  • Optional faculty, staff and enrollment representatives: Marc McIntosh, Alicia Quella, Ben Stottrup, Monica Devers, Katy Hahn, Fardosa Hassan, Scott Krajewski, Amy Alkire, Nate Gorr, Tracy How, Keri VanOverschelde, Mai Chong Vang, Katie Asfeld

Spring 2019 Charge:

  1. Strengthen the partnership between Admissions/Financial Aid and faculty to recruit students to meet enrollment goals.

Author an operational briefing that documents selected best practices/assessments for faculty to efficiently contribute to enrollment success.  Deadline: May 1, 2019

  • Survey faculty on current involvement in recruitment activities
  • Recommend actionable items to contribute to fall 2019 admit to enrolled yield
  • Recommend qualitative improvements for student engagement
  • Recommend efficient and effective activities with an assessment/feedback loop
  • Recommend activities to enhance faculty awareness of the recruiting landscape
  • Suggest transferable recommendations for staff, students, alumni, and parents

2.  Co-develop a mindset at Augsburg where faculty and staff understand the importance of enrollment management effectiveness (both strategic and operational).

Partake in an undergraduate (traditional) enrollment management effectiveness review and recommend a set of actionable innovations. Deadline: May 31, 2019

  • Review and provide input for the enrollment division’s mission and guiding principles, Strategic Enrollment Management definition, and a deep understanding of growth assumptions.
  • Review and identify potential changes regarding enrollment management policies with a focus on removing unnecessary barriers to student success
  • Review existing enrollment management research and recommend further analysis or new research projects.
  • Determine optimal format for routine enrollment performance data presentation to ensure transparency
  • Review and identify enhancements to enrollment management departmental relationships and function to better serve an intentionally diverse community.aff understand the importance of recruitment, are empowered to take action, and are fully coordinated with current recruitment strategies.