Auggie Pass – FAQ


Pass Questions 

What is an Auggie Pass? 

The Auggie Pass is an all-you-can ride transit pass for eligible Augsburg students. This includes all rides on Metro Transit Twin Cities buses and light-rail trains. Students can also ride Northstar Commuter Rail between Target Field Station and Anoka Station. 

I haven’t received my pass yet. Where can I pick it up? 

You can pick up your Auggie Pass in the Lindell Library at the circulation desk on the ground level. Please visit the Library’s website for their hours.

What do I need to be able to pick up my pass?

You must have your Augsburg Student ID to pick up your Auggie Pass. If you do not have a student ID or you have lost it, you can get a new one at the Lindell Library Circulation Desk.

Can I pick up my friend’s pass? 

No – the pass is linked to your unique Augsburg username. If you need assistance in obtaining your pass, please contact Mike Fetting (

When can I use the pass? 

Any time, any day, including during any break times, like winter and spring break. 

Where can I use my Auggie Pass?

Use your Auggie Pass on:

  • Light rail (tap your pass at the reader on the platform prior to boarding the train)
  • Metro Transit buses, express buses included (tap your pass on the reader at the front of the bus. Some express buses are pay-exit, which means you tap when you get off the bus rather than when you get on).

I lost/damaged my pass. How do I get a replacement? 

If you have lost or damaged your pass, it is important to report it quickly. Email the to report your pass as being damaged, lost or stolen. Your old pass will be deactivated and you can pick up a new one in the library after submitting the form.

My card didn’t work on the bus/train. What should I do? 

If you were unable to use your pass, it may be damaged and in need of a replacement. Email the to report your pass as being damaged, lost or stolen. Your old pass will be deactivated and you can pick up a new one in the library after submitting the form.

Can I use my Auggie Pass in the Summer? 

The Auggie Pass is not valid in the summer.  Students can purchase a subsidized summer pass in the Bookstore.

Does my Auggie Pass Expire?

At the end of the Spring semester your pass will be deactivated. Your Auggie Pass cannot be reactivated so you will need to pick up a new pass for each new academic year.

Can I use my Auggie Pass to go places other than school? 

Yes, you can use your Auggie Pass for getting to work or an internship; run errands, go to restaurants, check out a concert, or just explore all the Twin Cities have to offer. Plan your trip at or using Google Maps’ transit directions.

Can I use the Metro Transit app to ride transit instead of my Auggie Pass? 

Yes, but you will pay full cost for fares you buy on the Metro Transit app. Best thing is to use your Auggie Pass for all of your transit trips. 

Can I use my Auggie Pass on Northstar Commuter Rail? 

The Auggie Pass is valid on Northstar Commuter Rail between Target Field Station and Anoka Station. However, traveling to Northstar stations north of Anoka requires additional fare, which can be added to the Auggie Pass as stored value. To learn more about Northstar Commuter Rail, visit  

Do I need to register my pass and create an account to access the Guaranteed Ride Home Program?

Yes. Students should go online to and create their account.  

Transit Questions 

Where do I find information about nearby transit stops and routes? 

There are several options for locating the nearest stop or station, planning your transit trip, or checking departure times. You can download the Metro Pass app, or use Google maps and choose the “transit” option.  

Can I take my bike on the bus or train? 

Yes, all regional buses, light-rail trains and commuter rail have bike racks. To learn about loading your bicycle on a bus or train, visit

Metro Mobility 

I use Metro Mobility – can I use my Auggie Pass?

The Auggie Pass does not work for Metro Mobility. Students who use Metro Mobility can present their Metro Mobility card, and receive a Go To Card with $180 value for use with Metro Mobility. 

During the semester, request additional value by contacting

Program Questions 

How is the Auggie Pass Pilot funded? 

The Auggie Pass Pilot Project is funded by the student Green Fee, Augsburg University operating funds, and Metro Transit. The pricing structure is based on trips taken, with a minimum amount based on the most recent year of College Pass sales at Augsburg ($70,000) and a cap of $100,000 in the first year. Metro Transit will waive the costs above $100,000. 

What data is being collected for this pilot? 

Auggie Pass is a partnership between Augsburg University and Metro Transit and will include a ridership analysis report. Anonymous ridership and demographic information will be shared between Metro Transit and Augsburg, but no personally identifiable information (PII) will be shared. For more information about transit pass data collection, visit

Can I opt out of the Auggie Pass and/or the Green Fee? 

No – the Augsburg Day Student Government approved that all day students would be assessed the Green Fee, and also allocated a portion of the fee for the Auggie Pass.