Congratulations to Ilse Rolf, Gift Entry Administrative Assistant and Bonnie Tensen, E-Learning Specialist for receiving the September Auggie Pride Awards. Their constant support and service to others cross campus impacts far beyond those they work with. Staff Senate admires their outstanding work and are honored to award them with this month’s Auggie Pride Award.

Ilse Rolf

Institutional Advancement gathers for a group picture to celebrate Ilse's award
Congratulations Ilse for receiving the September Auggie Pride Award

Nomination: Ilse keeps IA running- she deposits all donations that Augsburg receives, registers people for all kinds of events on and off campus, and works hand in hand with Accounting to ensure everyone’s gifts to Augsburg are channeled into the right place- just to name a FEW things that she does! Not only is she a dedicated employee, she’s also supportive of her team and her department- ready to lend a helping hand or an listening ear to anything that comes up. She’s also part of a multi-generational Augsburg family, and her love of this place and it’s people shines through all the work that she does. I have no idea what our department would do without her, and that is why she is a very deserving candidate for the Auggie Pride Award.

Bonnie Tensen

IT gathers to celebrate Bonnie's award
Congratulations Bonnie for receiving the September Auggie Pride Award

Nomination: Bonnie is integral to our university community. She serves as such an important resource for faculty as we work to makes our courses more accessible and engaging. She is a fantastic teacher, who is patient and willing to show you the same thing over and over until you get it. Most importantly, however, she is a great mentor. She has a wealth of experience and wisdom from working in higher ed. She recognizes strength in faculty (especially junior faculty members) and ensures an environment where those strengths are recognized and called upon for the good of the university.

Another September nomination that we’d like to recognize is our TRIO/SSS colleagues, Aly Olson, Kevin Cheatham, and Melody Geiger. Congratulations on your successful Summer Bridge program and the upcoming nationwide 50th Anniversary celebration! Thank you for all that you do for our students and community.

To learn more about the Auggie Pride program and to make a nomination click here to visit our website.