December 2017 Auggie Pride Recipients

Congratulations to the Ruby Murillo, Director of Latinx Student Services; Matthew Schornstein, Associate Director, IT Systems; and Sandy Tilton, Strommen Marketing and Programming Coordinator for receiving the December Auggie Pride Award. During times of change they have stepped up to help our students, faculty, and staff. Their willingness to go above and beyond their expected duties has been felt by the entire community. Staff Senate admires the work they do everyday and are honored to award them with this month’s Auggie Pride Award.

Ruby Murillo

Student Affairs gathers to celebrate Ruby's Auggie Pride Award
Congratulations Ruby for receiving the December Auggie Pride Award.

Nomination: Ruby joined Augsburg mid-spring semester 2017 and literally hit the ground running! The position had been vacant since October 2016 and Multicultural Student Services (Pan Afrikan, Pan Asian, American Indian and Latinx Student Services) were missing a person in that role with all the changes in politics and fear of our students. We were thrilled to have the position filled and as the months have passed, I have learned how fortunate we were at Augsburg to have Ruby join us as a staff member. She developed a relationships with students immediately, planning gatherings and outings with ALAS -Augsburg Latin American Students, having one-on ones with students, being present at as many things as she could to get to know the students and the community….she jumped right in with the three of us in planning, implementing, organizing campus events. We are lucky to have Ruby with us…to join our team but more importantly to have joined our community.

Matthew Schornstein

IT gathers to celebrate Matt's Auggie Pride Award
Congratulations Matt for receiving the December Auggie Pride Award.

Nomination: This year saw the Hagfors project enter its final phases. Having a vacancy in IT in the classrooms position when construction started posed a problem with a new building coming online. Matt stepped in and took the lead on all building information technology and classroom needs, not just the wiring and wireless which is his usual responsibility, but the entire range of technology including TVs, projectors and classroom furniture. He studied the plans thoroughly and knows the plans as good as, and even better than, the architects. This work has involved many many meetings with architects and contractors. He has led this work in a collaborative fashion engaging both IT staff and faculty groups in the learning space needs. His efforts embody the ethic of the IT department to focus on the experience of the students and faculty first as well as a high standard for quality.

Sandy Tilton

The Strommen Center and Leadership Studies Departmen gather to celebrate Sandy Tilton's Auggie Pride Award
Congratulations Sandy Tilton for receiving the December Auggie Pride Award.

Nomination: Sandy was temporarily assigned part-time to the Leadership Studies Department fall term to assist us while Jolee Lilja was on maternity leave. Sandy was able to step in very quickly with our day to day activities supporting graduate and undergraduate students in our department. She also played a very key role in planning and implementing several very important events. In September we hosted the MAL 30th anniversary event as part of Homecoming and in October, Augsburg hosted a national conference for an organization called Seeing Things Whole—an organization that is housed at Augsburg and is administered by the Center for Leadership Studies. Both events were on weekends and were very successful reflections on Augsburg to the broader community. Without Sandy’s help, and willingness to commit to activities outside the regular workweek, we would not have been able to make all this happen.
   Sandy was also able to assist us with our web site updating, the implementation of a grant to assist veterans, and in making updates & changes to our class schedule and student advising. Sandy was willing to be flexible with her time, creative in her thought process, and positive in her outlook. She really made a difference for us.