Staff Appreciation Awards 2017

staff-awardsThursday, March 2 from 2–4 p.m. in Hoversten Chapel

Every year Staff Senate has the benefit of hosting the amazing Augsburg Staff Appreciation Awards. Upon feedback from you, we have a small change for this year’s awards.

As you may know, we currently award six Outstanding Staff Awards based on nomination letters we receive. This year, within the current six awards given, one award will be designated the “Newcomer Award.”  The Newcomer Award will be awarded to an Augsburg staff member who is within their first two years of employment at Augsburg. Nominees who fit within this criterion will be only eligible/considered for the Newcomer award and thus not eligible for the traditional Outstanding Staff Award. We will pilot the change this year and we will seek your feedback at the end of the academic year.

The reason for this new category is because every year Staff Senate receives so many amazing nomination letters for our brilliant colleagues.  It has become increasingly difficult to attempt to weigh the difference between a colleague who makes an immediate impact within the first couple of years at Augsburg and a colleague who deserves recognition for amazing work over a longer period of time.  In an attempt to be able to honor both, and with your feedback, we thought this would be a great category to kick off for a trial run in 2017. Thanks for your feedback and let’s give this a try!

As a reminder, nominations for Outstanding Staff Awards will be open Tuesday, January 24 through Friday, February 10. Nominate a staff member using the online form.

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate recipients are also awarded during the Staff Appreciation Awards. Individuals developing and growing in their intercultural competence is a foundational piece of any institution’s move towards full inclusion and equity. Find out more information about the Certificate Program at the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity website. To register for the Certificate Program complete the online form.