Staff Senate and UC-Subcommittee Forum

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Rebecca John presents on the development of the Campus Design and Space Use Subcommittee
Rebecca John presents on the development of the Campus Design and Space Use Subcommittee

The Staff Senate and UC—Subcommittee Forum was well received by those in attendance. To start the forum Co-chair Jen Jacobs gave a brief overview of what Staff Senate is, the mission, the members, and the 2016-17 goals. This information can be found at

To start the University Council presentations Leif Anderson gave an overview of the UC Council and the subcommittees. To follow a representative from each subcommittee shared the goals and 2015-16 accomplishments of their subcommittee. Each subcommittee was in attendance; Campus Design and Space Use, Diversity and Inclusion, Enrollment, Environmental Stewardship, Resource, and Student Success. It was interesting to see the progress being made under this new University Council structure.

Although the forum didn’t leave too much time for discussion some subcommittee representatives left with questions for their initiatives. If you have questions or concerns you can learn more about each committee along with whom to contact at

A goal of Staff Senate’s this year is to increase communication. If you have any feedback on how we can improve the Staff Senate and UC—Subcommittee Forum please email us at Thank you for everyone who was able to attend and to those who presented.


Tuesday, October 25
1:30 p.m.
in the Marshall Room

Based on feedback Staff Senate received seeking more communication, Staff Senate will be hosting a forum to give a overview of the role of staff senate and hosting representatives from each of the UC-subcommittees to uplift some of the amazing work going on in each committee. We invite you to join us for this great opportunity to learn what our rock star colleagues are doing for Augsburg college!