In partnership with several groups across the university, the Augsburg marketing department is developing a unified set of signage templates and physical distancing markers to provide coronavirus-related health and safety messaging for a variety of Augsburg properties and settings. Signage must be continually updated to comply with current Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.

See the templates below or request custom signage.


These templates allow you to download signage documents, update the files on your personal computers using word processing software, and print signage using the copy center or an office copier/printer. The marketing department will continue making new templates available as additional needs arise.

Entrance / Exit / Out of Service

Exit sign

General “COVID-19 Measures” sign template

"Covid-19 Measures" template example

Cleaning sign templates

Computer lab templates

computer template example

Space capacity templates

room capacity template


Accessibility requirements

Augsburg University is committed to providing equal access to physical, instructional and technological resources, environments, and programs to all students, staff, faculty, and guests. Equal access is required by law as well as consistent with the university’s mission. All members of the Augsburg community share responsibility for creating accessible environments.

  • Any information communicated through signage must also be distributed to the campus community as plain text through additional channels such as A-mail, departmental webpages, email, and social media.
  • Use a large typeface and retain high contrast between signage text and the sign’s background color.
  • Ensure that installed signage and graphics meet the needs of people of all physical abilities.
  • Direct questions about best practices for accessible communication to

Plain text documents for electronic distribution only

The following documents convey signage template information in a manner that can be interpreted by assistive screen reader technology.

Recommendations for using COVID-19 templates:

  • Print documents on cardstock rather than standard printer paper. Consider laminating signage, which would enable it to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Use painter’s tape to affix signs to walls and glass to prevent facility damage.
  • Roll and adhere tape to the back of signage so that the tape is not visible after signs are posted.
  • Pick up painter’s tape at the copy center, or submit a facilities request for further assistance with posting signage.

Request a custom design

Fill out the form below to request physical distancing floor dots or floor lines, customized signage and documents, or something else. If the form does not appear below, go to the request form here. You must be logged into your Augsburg Google account to access the form.