CampusClear App

Check in daily before you come to campus.

As part of our campus commitment to monitor and take responsibility for one’s own health as well as others’, to use prevention methods, to observe physical distance requirements, and to be gracious in accepting reminders from others to follow these expectations, using the app helps us be aware of how we’re feeling so we make the best choices to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Campus ClearFor any student, faculty, and staff who will be present on campus, daily self-screening using CampusClear is required.

Some campus events or locations may ask you to show your daily “Good to Go” screen to confirm you have evaluated how you are feeling today.

Watch “Symptom Screening App” to learn more.

Download the app at the app stores.

‎CampusClear on the Apple App Store

CampusClear on Google Play Store

Or if you don’t have a smartphone then you can use the web version.

Privacy Questions

The App

Augsburg has contracted with for the use of the app. The app privacy policy is posted at the Campus Clear website and is located here.  Augsburg has been a client of since 2018 when we added their chatbot to the Student Financial Services webpage.

Augsburg’s Use of the Data Collected

Currently Augsburg is not actively monitoring or tracking the use of the app by individuals. The app collects individual email addresses and question responses and that data is available to Augsburg.  Due to the nature of the information collected, access to the data is currently limited to the Chief Information Officer (who is also the information security officer).

Anyone responding that they have COVID-19 will be contacted by the University’s contact tracing team to ensure they know what resources are available to support them and that they are following MDH recommendations.

Augsburg may at some point use aggregate data to determine the effectiveness of the app project. For example, doing an analysis to determine statistics such as 25% of students used the app or 55% of employees used the app.

Any changes to the use of the data collected will be posted here.