Student Employment: Supervisors


Student Employment: Important Reminder

**Please note: Federal law requires that all new student workers MUST complete the new hire forms and background check before work can begin.  This will include an in-person visit to Human Resources to complete the I-9 form.

Returning students do not need to complete new hire forms again every year, but they will complete a Wage Form/Offer letter sent from Human Resources.

Changes for Fall 2021

  • Requisition & Job posting is done exclusively through Hirezon. Email requests will no longer be accepted for new or returning students.
  • Student Employment Task Force, August 5, 2021
  • Student Worker Requisitions will start in the new Hirezon Forms module. Please see training video below: “Student Worker Requisitions”.
  • Once your requisition has been submitted, it will go through an approval process.
  • Once approved the job will be posted to Hirezon.
  • Pre-hired or Returning Student Workers: If you have students in mind to hire, share the direct link for the posting so that they can “apply” for positions. This is a new and required step. Please see video below: “Hiring Candidates”.
  • If you need to hire new student workers (non-returners), the job will be posted on Hirezon and Handshake.
  • Recording of Hiring Student Workers Training from September 3, 2021


Hiring manager creates requisition thru Hirezon

6-minute Video:

  1. Inside Augsburg > Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches
  2. Click on Forms module
  3. Start new form
  4. Select department from dropdown list
  5. Category: Recruitment
  6. Template: Student position requisition
  7. Click Use Job Template Library, select the appropriate template, scroll down and click Use this Job Template link.
    • Title: Student: Department Name
  8. Create form
  9. Click on employment student position link
    • Title should be formatted as follows – Student: Department Name
      (ex: Student: Information Technology)
    • Complete all required fields
    • Save & submit, then Continue
  10. Click on Job Details – Job Title
    • Complete Relevant Sections
    • Save Job Details, then Close
  11. Attach supporting documents (optional)
  12. In the discussion box please indicate whether you are seeking new student workers or if all will be returning.
  13. At bottom of page choose Send for Next Action

Requisition is reviewed and approved by HR and others as necessary

Requisition will be sent to the Student Employment Manager for approval and posting. You will be notified once the job is posted. HR may make minor changes to the requisition before posting. If the form requires significant modification it will be denied and you will be able to make the required changes.

HR posts job – You will be notified of the posting

  • Returning Student Workers
    • Share Direct link with returning students. They will need to “Apply” thru Hirezon.
  • New Student Workers
    • Job Posting will be posted to Handshake
    • Students can access their Handshake account and search for on-campus employment

Hiring manager reviews applicants & conducts interviews

  1. Inside Augsburg > Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches
  2. Click on the Applicant Tracking System module
  3. Click on Manage Jobs
  4. Click on a posted job
  5. Click on an applicant’s name to view their application and resume
  6. To organize applicants click the checkbox next to their name and choose to Move to a folder. Folders are visible in the left-hand sidebar. Additional tools allow you to send questions or information to the applicant.

Hiring manager recommends finalist(s) for hire

3:30 Video

  1. Inside Augsburg > Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches
  2. Click on the Applicant Tracking System module
  3. Click on Manage Jobs
  4. Click on a posted job
  5. Click on an applicant
  6. Click Recommendation to Hire [Forms] Recommendation to hire link
  7. Click the link in the prompt to complete the form.
  8. Under Recommendation click the Employment – Student Position link.
    Recommendation - Employment link
  9. Enter Student’s email and ID. Click Save and Submit, then Continue.
  10. Click Send For Next Action.
  11. Your request will be sent to Human Resources for approval and onboarding.

Hiring Multiple Candidates

If you are hiring for multiple positions you need to take an additional step to recommend additional candidates for hire.

  1. Inside Augsburg > Administrative Tasks > Reviews/Searches
  2. Click on the Forms module
  3. Click on the requisition in the Published Forms dashboard.
  4. Switch from Active Tasks to All Tasks (upper right corner)
  5. Look in the recommendations section for a grayed out recommendation with an hourglass
    Waiting Recommendation
  6. To enable this recommendation click …Actions and choose Publish or Republish
    Click ...Actions, Republish
  7. The waiting recommendation icon will be replaced by a blue In Progress recommendation icon. Click on Candidate Information to recommend another candidate for hire.
    Recommendation in progress
  8. Repeat the recommend to hire process.
  • Note: You are required to complete all In Progress / Published recommendations before sending for next action (HR Approval).
    • If you are not ready to hire all candidates only Republish the number you wish to hire currently
    • If you are not ready to fill all openings you can de-activate excess recommendations by clicking …Actions and choosing Mark as Incomplete

HR reviews hiring recommendation(s) & sends onboarding forms to student

Student completes onboarding forms electronically

Student provides I-9 documents to HR in person

  1. Documents must be original, unexpired and meet the requirements for Form I-9 before the student may begin working.
  2. HR notifies hiring manager when paperwork is complete
  3. Hiring manager coordinates start date with student and notifies HR
  4. Student begins working and documents all hours worked in Kronos