Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I update my W-4?
You can update your W-4 as often as needed, even if it is a few times during the year. Please submit a completed W-4 form directly to Payroll in Accounting to update your tax status and allowances.

How many allowances should I put on my W-4?
We do not know your particular situation, and cannot provide tax advice. We suggest you contact a tax advisor, your legal guardian if a student worker, or utilize the W-4 calculator on the website.

How can I figure out how much taxes will be taken out of my paycheck?
There are a number of calculators online that can help you with this. Paycheck has a standard paycheck calculator that is free to use. You will need to enter your salary, your pay frequency (bi-weekly), your state of residence, your tax status (married, single, etc.), and pre-tax deductions such as health insurance or retirement. It will then calculate what your state and federal taxes will be per paycheck.