Standing Committees of the Faculty

The By-Laws to the Constitution of the Faculty of Augsburg College in  the Faculty Handbook (login required) list the following Standing Committees of the Faculty and their subcommittees:

The Faculty Senate – see sect. 9.2.2

The Senate Committee on Faculty Equity – see 9.2.3

The Senate Committee on Faculty Personnel Policies – see 9.2.4

Compensation Committee – see 9.2.4

The Academic Affairs Committee – see 9.2.5

Student Standing Committee – see 9.2.6

Admissions and Enrollment Committee – see 9.2.7

Faculty Development Committee – see 9.2.8

Committee on Tenure and Promotion – see 9.2.9

Institutional Review Board – see 9.2.10

Assessment Committee – see 9.2.11

Graduate Academic Affairs Committee – see 9.2.12

University Committee on Academic Planning (UCAP), first called CAP, was established in 2009 as an ad-hoc subcommittee of the Faculty Senate. See the Faculty Senate Moodle site to view the committee charge and more information.