Seminars and Observation Documents

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All seminars during student teaching are mandatory. The content of the seminars is geared toward a successful student teaching experience and a successful teaching career.

Seminar 1– Topic: Professionalism (Will be scheduled before the semester of student teaching) 

Seminar 2– Topic: Applying for a job 

Is your resume ready?  Click here for assistance: The Strommen Center 

MN Educator Job Boards:

Seminar 3– Topic: Applying for your Teaching LicenseEverything you need to know

While Student Teaching


Teaching candidates will complete a weekly reflection during student teaching. Click here for requirements for weekly reflections


During student teaching, the teacher candidate will be observed several times; three or four times by their Augsburg supervisor, twice by their cooperating teacher and they will do two self-assessments.

Use a pre-observation guide to plan what will be taught and how the teaching candidate will assess what the students learned. Click here for a pre-observation form

This Teacher Candidate Observation form will be used by Augsburg supervisors during observations of teacher candidates. You must be logged in to your Augsburg University email account in order to access these forms.

Observation Form- Printable

An Augsburg supervisor and the cooperating teacher will be completing the Mid-term observations using the Teacher Candidate Mid-Term Assessment Form. Once the form is complete, the cooperating teacher, supervising teacher and the teacher candidate will forward a copy of the assessment to the triad for discussion at the Mid-Term Evaluation Meeting.

An Augsburg supervisor and the cooperating teacher will be completing final observations via TK20.