Placement Process

Augsburg University has established partnerships with K-12 schools for the purpose of offering field experience placements to teacher candidates. Candidates are responsible for either requesting placement assistance from the Field Experience Specialist or confirming the details of a field experience placement that they have secured on their own.

It is important to set up your field experience placement as early as possible. Getting started in your field experience can sometimes be frustrating as it requires communication with many different people: placement liaisons, administrators, and cooperating teachers. The Field Experience Specialist will provide assistance to you when securing a placement.

To set up your field experience placement, please follow this process:

  1. Determine the type of placement setting you need to meet the field experience requirements for your licensure area. If you are unsure, visit the Field Experience Licensure Requirements page for program-specific information.
  2. If you have already secured a field experience placement on your own, please complete the Fall 2021 Secured Placement Form.
    *Your cooperating teacher must hold a valid MN license that matches the area of licensure you are seeking.
  3. If you need assistance finding a field experience placement, please complete the Fall 2021 Placement Request Form.
    *Please note, placements can take up to 3-4 weeks to be identified and confirmed.
  4. If you’d like to opt-out of field experience this semester complete the Fall 2021 Placement Deferral Form.
  5. Use this Log Sheet to record your daily hours and activities.
  6. You may be required to complete a criminal background check before a placement can be confirmed. Please refer to the section below for more information.
  7. When a placement has been confirmed, contact the cooperating teacher to introduce yourself, explain the hours requirement and learning objectives related to your field experience, provide your availability and contact information, and ask to set up a meeting to discuss your placement and schedule in greater detail. Here is a sample introduction email you are welcome to use.
  8. Check your Augsburg email often for Field Experience updates and links to forms to document your hours.

Minneapolis Public Schools and Field Experience

If your field experience is taking place in Minneapolis Public Schools, please follow the directions in the linked document below in order to 1) complete the district’s mandatory background check and registration process and 2) to gain non-MPS staff access to their online learning platforms.

Minneapolis Public Schools Field Experience Directions

General Considerations for Criminal Background Checks

Almost every district requires a criminal background check from any person working in a school, including volunteers, pre-service teachers, and student teachers. Each district has its own processes and policies, and background checks do not cross over to other districts. Teacher candidates are required to pay for the cost associated with criminal background checks that are required for field experience.  This cost can range from $5-$50.  

Please inquire about criminal background check requirements prior to confirming your placement.