Licensure Requirements

General State Requirements

Minn. Stat. § 8705.1000

Field experience is defined as “a school-based opportunity in which candidates observe teachers and students, assist, tutor, instruct, or conduct research.” Minn. Stat. § 8705.0200 

In order to receive an initial teaching license from the state of Minnesota, teacher candidates must complete 100 hours of field experience prior to student teaching. These hours must be aligned to the scope and content of the licensure field sought. 

Candidates must also have experiences with diverse populations, including students with a range of exceptionalities, and students representing a diversity of socioeconomic, linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

For candidates seeking an initial license and endorsement, more than one license, or an additional license or endorsement, please contact Emily Wollak ( for more information.

Program-Specific Requirements