Inclusion Scholars

In collaboration with Campus Life and various Augsburg departments, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives would like to announce the new – Inclusion Scholars Program.  This new initiative, launching Fall 2020 is a student focused program – investing in the success of student leaders.


Inclusion Scholars develops informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders who are equity-minded and intentional about confronting and dismantling systems of power and privilege in order to create positive change in their lives and the world around them.


As a result of participating in Inclusion Scholars, students will be able to:

  • Understand how identity and privilege impacts themselves and others.
  • Understand systems of power and their intersections.
  • Navigate between different cultural styles of communication effectively.
  • Recognize and be willing to confront and interrupt bias and microaggressions.
  • Become familiar with their own assumptions and lens through which they view the world.
  • Articulate how they can make positive change by dismantling systems of power and privilege within their spheres of influence and how to move towards liberatory practices.


The curriculum consists of 12 hours of core workshops and 6 hours of elective workshops. A number of these workshops already occur within existing leadership programs (e.g., Emerging Leaders Program, Orientation Leader Training, Resident Advisor Training, etc.), and all of these are also offered as standalone workshops throughout the academic year.

See a list of core workshops & electives under the Inclusion Scholars Curriculum page.


Students who complete the program will be honored at the Augsburg Leadership Awards, as well as be recognized in the Commencement Program when it is time for their graduation.

Students may take courses throughout their time at Augsburg. However, In order to be recognized during a specific academic year, all coursework must be completed no later than March 1. If not, students will need to wait until the next year to be recognized.


Students must register for the program, even if they have attended workshops that count towards Inclusion Scholars already. Prior credit will be given to workshops already attended.

  • Have you attended any standalone workshop presentations that were part of one of the leadership programs listed above?
  • In 4 sentences or less, why would you like to be a part of this program?
Inclusion Scholars Registration