Show Posts Shortcode

There is a show_posts shortcode that is available to use only on pages. The shortcode does what it says, it shows your posts!


You can use it like this:

My Heading

The shortcode, as you can see, takes three attributes: ‘heading’, ‘category’ and ‘amount.’ The heading attribute can be simple text. The category attribute should match a “Slug” for a category that is already defined under Posts > Categories. If you go the Post > Categories page the Slug has its own column in the Categories table, so you can take the value directly from there. The amount attribute is a number and it will control how many posts are shown, if you leave the amount attribute out all posts of that category will be displayed. For example:

My Heading


When the shortcode runs on a page, it will output the posts in a grid that will adapt to the width of you page and display as many posts as will fit into each row. It looks something like this:


Three Attributes

  • heading: simple text – defaults to “Posts”
  • category: category slug – defaults to “uncategorized”
  • amount: number – defaults to show all


All attributes

My Heading

Show all posts in a category

My Heading