Content Manager Changes to

This email was sent to content managers on September 14, 2017.

You are receiving this message because you are a content manager with access to edit one or more pages on

Right now, all departments have access to edit their own website content. This has worked well for some departments, but not for all. Some departments want to have this access and the responsibilities that come with it, and other departments do not.

As the university is under increased scrutiny for meeting accessibility standards, more is being required of you. We will soon set up content managers with access to Siteimprove, a tool we use to monitor for website errors. Each department would be responsible for monitoring and correcting accessibility issues (and other errors such as broken links and misspellings) using this tool.

With that in mind, we have decided to offer departments the option of handing website content management responsibilities back to Marketing. This would mean your department would not have a content manager with access to edit the website. Instead, the Marketing department would take on the responsibility of accessibility compliance as well as content updates.

This option comes with several benefits for your department:

  • Marketing will work with your department to get your website into an “evergreen” state, where the content is relatively static, without the need for frequent changes. We will work with you to determine the timing of this transition.
  • Marketing will take responsibility for keeping the website content compliant with accessibility standards.
  • Marketing will contact your department annually to determine what content updates are needed. In the interim between these annual reviews, you can still use our project request form to request changes throughout the year.
  • Marketing will optimize your department’s website for search engines, so that more prospective students will find you online, but will not make any changes to content without your department’s approval.

Please contact me if your department would like to do this. Call (x1157) or email with any questions.

Please note that no department is required to give up access. It is your option to retain or relinquish the content management responsibility for your department.

If you choose to retain your access, I will be contacting you soon about setting up your department’s content manager with access to Siteimprove.

Thank you for all your work in creating the best web experience for our visitors. And again, let me know if you have any questions.