Finding page traffic numbers in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool, but in a previous post I explain why you have to be careful about drawing conclusions from mere traffic numbers. If you’re interested in seeing your website’s traffic numbers just for the heck of it, great. But avoid drawing hasty conclusions or taking hasty actions based on them. Talk to me first. If you want to see your traffic data, this post will explain how to find it.

If you don’t already have access to Google Analytics, contact me and request access. Here’s what to do once you’re in.

Select the Analytics view you want to use. Notice that for, we have an unfiltered view and views that only show internal (on-campus) or external (off-campus) traffic to the website.

Then, in the left menu, go to Behavior, then Site Content, then Content Drilldown. This is the easiest way to see pageviews and other basic information about a particular website’s traffic.

From here, you can click on the landing page or department page you want to view. Use the arrows on the bottom right to see more pages. Or use the search feature above to find the URL you need.

After this you can adjust the time span (see a week, a month, several months, or a year or more).

If you want to dive deeper into Google Analytics, do a Google search for tutorials, use the Help feature within Google Analytics, or do an online course through Analytics Academy.