Page Layout Shortcodes

There are a few shortcodes built into the website template that can help you with page layouts.

You can copy these onto your page and add your own content.


This will create a row of content, separated from what is above and below it. Can be used for a page that is a list of items that need to be separate.


your content here


Two columns, 50% width each


Your left side content here


Your right side content here


Two columns, 66% left / 44% right


Your right side content here


Your left side content here


Three columns, 33% width each


left column content here


center column content here


right column content here


What about tables?

You may be asking yourself, “Why not use tables to do all these things?” The short answer is this: tables are not responsive; these shortcodes are.

That means on your desktop computer a table may work fine. But if you look at the same content on your phone, in a table all of the content will still be squeezed into two or three columns, making it awful to read. But these shortcodes are responsive so that when the screen is under a certain width, these columns will collapse into a single column.