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ART 231: Pre-Columbian, Colonial, & Contemporary Mexican Art

BIO 118: Environmental Biology

BUS362: International Business

BUS 399 / WST 399: Internship in Mexico

CCS 299: Directed Study: Quiché

ENV 100: Environmental Connections: Environmental & Sustainability in Southern Africa

ENV 399: Internship

HIS 327: Racism & Resistance in Southern Africa & the U.S.

HIS 355/WST355:  Cultural Conflict and Social Change in Latin America: The Central American Context

HIS 357/WST 357: Mexican History, Culture and Cosmovision

INS 292: Topics in Study Abroad & Intercultural Development

INS 312/POL354: The Politics of Development in Southern Africa

INS 399: Internship

INS 492: Intercultural and Career Development

INS 499: Independent Study

KEY 490: Vocation and the Search for Meaning

POL 310: Citizen Participation within a Globalized Economy

POL 353: Political & Social Change in Namibia

POL 357 / WST 352 : (Im)Migration, Gender and Social Change

POL 399: Internship

POL/WST 341: Globalization, Social Struggle and the Environment

POL 462: Topics in International Politics

RLN 200: Christian Vocation and the Search for Meaning

RLN 333/WST 313: Environmental Theology and Ethics

RLN 336/WST 366: Latin American Liberation Theologies

RLN 344/WST 324: Liberationist, Feminist, Queer and Post-Colonial Theologies in Latin America

RLN 376: Religion & Social Change in Southern Africa

SPA 111:  Beginning Spanish 1

SPA 112:  Beginning Spanish 2

SPA 206: Spanish for Health Care Professionals

SPA 211: Intermediate Spanish 1

SPA 212: Intermediate Spanish 2

SPA 220: Business Spanish

SPA 225: Spanish for Heritage Speakers II

SPA 231: Pre-Columbian, Colonial, & Contemporary Mexican Art

SPA 311: Conversation and Composition

SPA 316: Conversations in Cultural Context

SPA 334: Contemporary Mexican Literature

SPA 335/WST355: Contemporary Latin American Women: Texts and Voices

SPA 336: Guatemalan Civilization and Culture

SPA 337: Mexican Civilizations and Cultures

SPA 357: Central America Literature

SPA 411: Advanced Conversation and Composition

SPA 495: Topics

SWK 261: International Social Welfare: The Mexican Context

SWK 271: Comparative Social Policy

SWK 316: Social Work Practice II: With Families & Groups

SWK 317: Field Work II: Integrative Seminar

WEL 118: Lifetime Fitness – Latin Dance 

WEL 118: Recreational Wellness – Yoga

WST 399: Internship

WST 399: Internship Seminar in Mexico

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