Emergency Management

CGEE Emergency Management Plan

Create an Incident Report

Incident Report Form (docx.) (for use only if web form is unavailable)

Emergency Protocol by incident type

Sexual Misconduct Complainant Form – to be used when you receive a report of sexual harassment or violence by a program participant

OIP Policy_Clery Act Reporting_May 2012

Insurance Information:

International Health and Travel Insurance

Contract #: 16812020

Toll free in the US or Canada:
+1 (855) 901-6712

Collect outside of the US:
+1 (240) 330-1551

Email: ops@gga-usa.com

EIIA  partners with Generali Global Assistance (GGA) to provide travel assistance services and with Starr Indemnity and Liability Company to provide the coverage listed above to participants traveling on an institution sponsored trip outside of the United States or its Territories and Possessions:


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